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To all of our new friends,


First let me welcome everyone to our site and thank you for participating in our PokeGrinder Beta release.  We are very excited about this project, and are confident you will be pleased with the countless weeks of labor and love that has gone into making it.  The GrindXP Team mission is a commitment in not only providing you best in class automation technology, but also a superior customer experience.  We are taking this commitment seriously, and are looking forward to proving it to you over the months to come!


That said, I have an ask for all of you which is especially critical during this early phase of our project.  What is the ask?  Just two simple things.    :)


One: and probably most important,  WE NEED YOUR FEEDBACK.  Please send us your suggestions, help us find bugs, tell us how you would like to see our technology develop to best suit your needs.  As you heard from our above mission statement, and in order to make that happen we will be actively listening to our community and highly engaged with our communication to you.


Two: not as important, but most certainly appreciated!  Please give us your patience over the next 2-3 weeks as we start scaling the operations to support the influx of new users and hopefully friends we will be making as the word gets out and community grows.  This will be a very exciting and stressful time for our team, but we are really looking forward to the challenge! 



With Warmest Regards,


-The GrindXP Team

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