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Important Announcement!

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Please make sure you have the latest version of Java installed before running the bot. You can install the latest version of Java here.


PokeGrinder Beta v1.0

- - - - - Release Pokemon GO

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GrindXP is proud to present you with a FREE TRIAL of our PokeGrinder BETA: The most advanced bot for Pokémon GO!




*Java 8 is required to launch. Subject to Terms and Conditions.



SUBSCRIBE NOW to get a DISCOUNTED Price on all Packages!


*Our released "Buy with confidence" pricing options will be as follows*


 Trainer Package (1 Bot Instance)

$3.95 (50% OFF First Month) $7.95/mo recurring


Gym Leader Package (3 Bot Instance)

$7.95 (50% OFF First Month) $14.95/mo recurring


Professor Package (Unlimited Bot Instance)

$12.95 (50% OFF First Month) $24.95/mo recurring








  • Auto-Transfer Pokémon:
    • Hate trying to figure out which Pokémon to transfer to optimize grinding out experience, while still holding on to your strongest Pokémon? Look no further; we offer auto-transferring of your Pokémon, either prioritizing by the Pokémon's CP or the IV Ratio.
  • IV Ratio Calculator:
    • Your Pokémon's IV ratio will display in the table below the meter. The Pokémon are sorted by their IV ratio.
  • Auto-Catch Pokémon:
    • The bot will automatically catch Pokémon for you, and will utilize the most appropriate ball to catch the Pokémon with.  We won't be wasting your precious master balls on a low-level Pidgey!
  • Auto-Spin PokéStops:
    • Sick of running out of Pokéballs? You need not worry, since our bot will automatically spin any PokéStops within range. It will also cache these stops so it knows where to visit them later on.
  • Import Pathing:
    • Want to make your own path for the bot to traverse? You can import GPX Track and Route files for our bot to traverse.
  • Controllable Speed:
    • You may control the speed of how fast our bot walks. There are three modes: Slow, Medium, and Fast.
  • Advanced Human Pattern Replication Features:
    • Over the course of one month, we analyzed player movement so we can replicate a player legitimately playing the game. You may read more information about our advanced methods here.
  • Safe Teleporting:
    • Our bot calculates the distance between where you would like to teleport, and whether or not it's a safe distance to teleport given the amount of time since the last location was reported to the servers.
  • Path Creator
    • Create your own path by using the path creator. You can add points to your path by right-clicking the map and clicking "Add Point to Path". Once you're finished creating your path, you can press Options > Movement > Enable Walking to start walking the path you just created.